FOOT SWITCHES for obsolete HH Electronic Amplifiers

We receive many enquiries for foot switches suitable for use with the early HH products and our range of replacement items is listed below.

All are hand assembled and wired. From 01/01/2019 ALL single button footswitches will now use the redundant HH RF-2 footswitch cases as donors. Two button switches will continue to use the Laney FS-2 cases. Before you even need to ask all have the correct switches, connectors, and CORRECT 3m. cable. They do NOT have LED status indicators. You can just plug and play. (FAQ's: Yes these WILL work - I made one before. And if you really need to SEE what they look like, check on line for the HH RF-2 and Laney FS2 footswitch items.

! I DO NOT need a picture of your IC100/VS Musician/Performer or anything else " just to see If they are the right one's".. AS I said I made one before...

MAJ S1 - for Sustain function on IC100/IC100S - Harmonic on IC100L - Reverb on MA100 - 22

MAJ S2 - for Tremolo and Reverb function on IC100 - 26

MAJ VS1 - for Valve Sound function on VS Musician, VS Musician Reverb or VS Bassamp - 28

MAJ VS2 - for Reverb function on Studio 50/VS Musician Reverb/IC100L - 26

MAJ P1 - for Sound switch and Effects on Bass Baby and Bass Machine - 31

MAJ P2 - for Sound switch and Reverb on Super 60, Power Baby, Performer - 31

Please note that the above items are individually made, and are NOT therefore particularly cost effective. If you wish to make your own, engineering details are given within the circuit diagrams and service manuals that we supply for the products.
Footswitches for any other HH or Laney models, or "Specials" to customer requirements can be built to order. But £££ ASK PLEASE
Prices exclude postage and VAT
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