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DY6 8JP England.
Otherwise please use our direct btconnect email address which can be found on our PAYMENT & POSTAGE page (The button is over there on the left...)
!If you wish to contact us about an item (whether or NOT listed on ebay) use the link above or our direct email address. Please DO NOT contact us via the ebay messaging system BECAUSE I CANNOT reply to you if I mention our email address/Website address/Paypal or anything like that including details or anything else that is NOT posted on ebay. It's their F system NOT mine fella....
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For orders by post we accept Paypal, Bank Transfer, or Postal orders.

For collected items or repairs we accept Bank transfer or Cash. NOT paypal

Michael and Jane wish all our customers and friends a very Merry Christmas and a Happy, prosperous New year!
Emails/Orders will be monitored during the Christmas period and addressed on our return
We reopen for business on Thursday 4th of January 2024
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HH USER Handbooks..

We are constantly asked for User handbooks (User guides etc.) for the old HH products.

To this end we are now producing Offical copies of the original guides for some of the popular old products.
These are our scanned/cleaned/corrected (sometimes rewritten) A4 copies of the original items, in bound booklet form with card covers.
Only available in paper form by post, Not available by email.
Apart from the information within, these are intended as an item to be kept with equipment for the user (or potential buyer).
Available now for: HH Echo Unit, Multi Echo, VS Musician, Stereo 8/12, S500-D, IC100/IC100S so far.. ASK...
We have some stock of replacement handles, corners, knobs, vynides, fret, and badges, for obsolete Laney products dating back to 1967. Including original 1980's AOR/Pro Tube logo's. While original stock lasts.
Our ebaY trading name is: majelectronic_sales
We are now using this popular racked off site to expose and promote certain items that we have for sale. Items will be uploaded as time on Zarg allows. All ebay advertised items can be purchased directly from us if you wish (Believe it or not, there IS life ouside Ebay..)
But I am fed up already with wiping these ebay peoples arses for them. Cannot F read, cannot use tracking numbers, Pushy email (Where is MY ITEM) then nice email when they find the item at the sorting office after I refer to the tracking site and tell them where it is. THEIR post office could not deliver because they were either out shagging or didn't get out of bed to answer the door.. Or it has been returned to me after having been half way around the world because foreign postie could not get a signature for the above reasons.. The amazing thing is (proved by the tracking information), after the overseas post (in any Fkin country) have decided to return the packet it arrives back here on my doorstep in less than 24 hours. Well done Royal Mail it's them tits not us...
Did you know that the 4 figure number in the Spanish postcode is the number of steps the Golem postie has to take from the sorting office to your address.. We have NO chance if he can't count past 10....
AMESON Amplification products
Production of these units ceased around 2009..
Page is still active for information and interest only.
For details, click anywhere on this line to visit the amplifiers page. Thank you.
Regarding Postage charges, Deliveries and Tracking make sure you read our POSTAGE & PAYMENT page and UNDERSTAND it - preferably before you order.
And whether or not you speaka de Englis good, please read it as many times as you like until you DO. This saves time and obviates YOU wasting your time AND mine sending ME nauseous emails (in a language I do NOT understand) about where your parcel is and/or the charges, after you have accepted my quote AND been given the tracking number of the package. Note I only speeka English, Profane, Black Country, and Zargese..
HH Replacement foot switches
We can supply a range of foot switches suitable for obsolete HH equipment, including:
IC100, IC100S, IC100L, MA100, MA150, VS Musician, VS Bassamp, Performer, Bass Machine, etc.
For details, please click here.
SPARE PARTS for vintage amplification equipment
HH models supported include IC100, IC100S, IC100L, VS Musician, VS Bassamp, Echo Unit, Multi Echo, MA100, Performer, Power Baby, Bass Baby, Bass Machine, Studio 50, Studio 60, Studio 60B, Studio 100, Bassamp 100, L50, K50, B50, L100, K100, B100, S500-D, V500, V800, M900, VX series, MX series, to name few.. Early Laney models supported include LJ50, L60, L70, L100, LA60BL, LA100BL, KLIPP 60, KLIPP 100, VA50, VA100, Pro Tube, AOR, Session range, Linebacker range, World series, GC, BC, VC... While stock lasts. Click HERE to go to the spares page.
THE MAJ QUOTATIONS & True Stories Page (Fun)
........and, er - MILITARY AND TRADE ABBREVIATIONS (Much more Fun)
First visit please click anywhere on this line or press the Quotations button (above left) for your first visit to ZARG...

This service is now ONLY available by email. My apologies to the professional engineers out there, but I am NOT a forum and I simply DO NOT have the time to spend time yattering on the telephone to wannabees who usually don't understand what I'm trying to tell them anyway - and then have the gall to Fking ARGUE with me about something as simple as Ohms law - because they READ it and MISUNDERSTOOD it on the F Interweb (Two 8 Ohm speakers in parallel does NOT make a 16 Ohms total load despite what you may have read on the F Interweb..) Impedance is word with a meaning - Mention "Ohmage" and we know at once you are a total Dickhead..

And note I only bring the famous MAJ Crystal ball to work on Mondays these days. So on that day I may be able to answer certain seemingly impossible lunar or extra terrestrial questions about HH, Laney, Marshall, Vox, Selmer, or any other old English products - my apologies if you really ARE from another planet. But please note only limited brain picking or Psychic Analysis service by email is available Tuesday to Thursday, and NOT AT ALL on Fridays. For on that day I am usually very busy preparing/repairing things that the customer has now finally brought in because he needs to use it tonight and purchasing a complete new set of valves as advised on the Interweb Forum has NOT cured the problem (Or looking at a piece of crap that someone has bought "as not working" from you know where and wants ME to magically bring it back to life after the forum fingers armed with hot spoons to solder with have already been there...)

As you will know I have not been doing mainstream repairs for some years, but.
I AM prepared to take on occasional repairs or restoration projects to older equipment such as described above, Which is personally delivered to us and collected by the user/owner. I DO NOT accept OR repair OR return ANY equipment that is sent by a carrier or third party. Been there before.. over 90% of the time they Fkd up and the equipment arrived damaged. Even given my elaborate time consuming packing.. Alternatively find a local (?Qualified) engineer, older the better but preferably not dead, who can sort out your problems. Parts and technical info for Laney/HH/MAJ and other products, insults, giggling, and our extracting of your personal urine service is available at all times.

SO: I DO NOT repair mixers, powered mixers, powered speakers, modelling amps, class D amps, class NFG amps, NITBFR amps (think about it...) pods, PV Classic 20/30 (they were JOKING when they built these), Lone Sicks, Fampeg, JBM/JVM, Mode for, Ignator, Chinese hifi (!) valve amps, MESA stuff, F Orange Terror 500Watt rubbishSMPS bass amps, Maplin rubbish, Adistra, Ebay Sub Zeroid cheap valve amps etc. Ask before you make a journey. Basically, I didn't make it son/you just happened to buy it with your eyes glued SHUT and your Paypal account wide open.. For your information and whatever you have read on the interfweb: Class D means Disposable, class B means Bulletproof, Class C is for the radio hams (nothing to do with us) and Class A?

I have created service manuals for 1970's HH Electronic, Laney, and several other products, which are available in .pdf format. Also a huge inventory of schematic diagrams dating back to the early 1960's including rare VOX, Swissecho, Klemt, Farfisa, Meazzi, Sound City, Dan Armstrong, Linear, and other early English products.. I have recently introduced a service manual covering the Sound City amps from the early 1970's. Included are the Concord, LB 50, PA50, LB 100, LB 120, 120 Slave, LB200. Requests for single specific circuit diagrams, whether contained in the manuals or not, will be sent via email in .pdf format. The diagrams are free but there is an administration charge of £6 per request for this service, which can be paid by Visa, Mastercard or PayPal. Note that you will have to print these out on your OWN paper (shouldn't be a cost problem unless you are tighter than a Duck's bottom...). Note we do not accept bank transfers for this service due to the charges. All service manuals are now sent by email and cost £11.00. See spares list for list of manuals available.
PLEASE read this paragraph VERY carefully - it's REAL!

All our manuals are original HH Electronic, MAJ Electronic, Laney, or other copyright and contain good readable digitally cleaned scanned original diagrams as well as descriptions, footswitch data, and fault finding tips written by Michael where applicable. The data and diagrams drawn by anyone at MAJ Electronic are copyright to US. We like to give value for money, and in this life you only get what you pay for. Oh and if you have possibly downloaded a freebie diagram from some winking Internet bedroom arse twonk - saves paying us £5 admin (actually £4.38 after PP charges) but then (as usual) need further advice or assistance or parts I suggest - NO I insist - you pester that twat NOT me. Note a minority of tight arsed people only GRUDGINGLY pay us the pittance because they couldn't "get it FOR FREE" off the F web - the other 99% are glad to make contact knowing we can offer further information and parts. But, I'm rather busy right now. Without wishing to upset any of the people who are up all night looking for free information, there is a phrase... (2 words, first word sounds Russian - begins with F, second word is off... ) Here are TWO REAL recent examples:

1) I cannot BELIEVE the GALL of some people - Joe Somebody asks me for service information for a particular old HH product. He proudly tells me that he has already downloaded a copy of the "schematic" for free, so does not need my service manual or diagram.. He THEN later emails me and says he cannot read/interpret the supplied diagram (!). Also asks some other stupid questions that a real engineers wifes pet mouse's flange piece could answer, and then also asks if his "supplied" diagram is CORRECT for his particular equipment. How could I know that (Wouldn't tell you anyway tosser)... I had to sit down.. (2 words, first word sounds Russian, second word is off...) NO hope...

2) I spend half an hour replying in depth to multiple email questions about an old Laney/HH amplfier and the bias/overheating problems the user (I am an engineer etc) is having. Free, no charge - I must be simple.. When this ENGINEER asks for a circuit diagram of this basic equipment ("as it keeps blowing the HT fuse") I request a £5 admin charge for the diagram, and never hear from him again. That Russian phrase again...

May sound amusing, but I am not prepared to carry on doing this. Time is money and I am very busy. BUY the service manual with my helpnotes in it and you then have as much info that I ever had. Shouldn't be a problem to (dare I say it) Qualified ENGINEERS......RE information please ask your technical adviser or engineer to request this as passed information is meaningless unless given to a qualified person who has the knowledge and NECESSARY TEST EQUIPMENT to make use of it. Not some total DICKHEAD who has read about it on the Internet but has no clue how to interpret the information given or what to do next..There are no standard or quick fixes to any of these equipments - all problems and faults need to be addressed from basic principles. It's not rocket science, but from my point of view it is difficult to pass on 40+ years experience of the product (or grant an electronic engineering qualification) in a few emails or phone calls. Sorry, back to school you go... Ohm's law would be a good starting point. THIS IS NOT A F FORUM..

Ask me a specific question and I will answer it if I can - I don't mind that, but please also understand I simply do not have time to get involved in the 147 bat/ball emails syndrome (as I call it). These mails are usually made from an employers computer when that person has nothing better to do or the gaffer is not looking. Chunter chunter bat ball bat ball. Please understand HE is paying you for your time - which is great until he finds out - mine unfortunately costs money... Thank you. Better still, if you really want an answer to a REAL technical question, send an email and I'll try to help. And WITHOUT EXCEPTION these "147" people mysteriously "go to sleep" when asked to communicate by telephone. As an employer for nearly 40 years I worked out WHY (took 20uS):

Most people have access to the Internet/email at their employers expense - but NO FREE outside telephone line. Hey, just a minute... Are they not supposed to be WORKING?

Another MAJOR BALLACHE is that people keep emailing me with ebay numbers of items for sale and asking "What do you think of this/would you advise I buy it/what is wrong with this/what does this mean/tell me about it". I can't see it/test it/examine it, and the photos are usually deliberately crap, so I cannot comment and basically I'm not bleeding interested. Got enough rubbish of my own thank you. Try asking your Mom or the Cat - they may have more brain.. (Caution - Cat may be super intelligent - Zarg Cat 14779Mankie took the name Albert in 1879 and became involved with theories of relativity - brilliant scholar - d. 1955). If an item is offered on eBaY "For parts or not working" be assured it is almost certainly garbage so be prepared to lose your money.

AND given what I have done for a LIVING for over 45 years, I cannot in my WILDEST dreams comprehend why non technical people buy these broken items. I wouldn't give them a second glance.. Perhaps they have a Degree in Fine Arts, or Electronic Engineering, or possibly experience of all related manufactured products - NOT to mention a magic tool to remove all rust and shite from a Vox/Marshall/HH/Laney amp that has been at the bottom of a canal or in a damp shed for 35 years. (Usually not so they bring it to me and are quite miffed when I advise them to put it in the F* BIN.)


All service manuals, diagrams, components and spare parts are sold strictly on the basis that the buyer is qualified to be working on the equipment for which these are supplied, and that he/she also has the necessary technical knowledge to carry out fitment of such parts without causing injury to themselves or others. And that means without asking ME what wires go where, how to fault find it when in reality you haven't got a fecks clue, and no test equipment apart from that screwdriver that lights up or a Maplin test meter that you don't know how to use.. You should also be able to safety test the equipment AFTER repair - Which means having the necessary approved test equipment...

If in doubt, seek LOCAL professional help before you almost certainly ball it, make matters worse, or possibly top yourself. Remember - A little knowledge is DANGEROUS (Forum Fingers beware). Trade customers remember at ALL times that a dead customer is a non paying customer, so best keep them alive as long as possible - in all cases at least until they have paid.. And for GOODNESS sake USER, DO NOT buy a set of expensive valves for your amplifier (Because some informed person on the Donkertude forum diagnosed by telepathy that this was what was WRONG with your amplifier). LIGHTER sounding valves/DARKER sounding valves? Total B*X.. Take it to an engineer and save yourself some money or why not call in - I have lots of duff (sorry - darker) valves.... DOHHH!!!

If you are carrying out repairs for other people, professionally or OTHERWISE, I would strongly advise that you take out public liability insurance in respect of that. Probably cost you less than a couple of hundred a year, but may save you having to live in a (draughty) tent if you inadvertently roast some poor unfortunate bastard if you didn't quite get it right according to the Interweb wallah, or were distracted by your mobile PHONE!

Given these Claims/Solicitors wallahs etc make NO mistake - If some jerk trips over a lead or gets a tingle - THEY WILL HAVE YOUR HOUSE MISTER!


(Courses in Electrical and Electronic Engineering have probably been discontinued by your local college because everyone has already "read it on a forum" and therefore knows all about it. God help the children...
May be a bit late, but ABOUT US:

MAJ Electronic was originally founded in 1974 by Michael and Jane Ameson, to service, repair, design and manufacture amplification and associated equipment within the professional music industry. A woodwork department was set up in 1980 to satisfy the need for more and more necessary loudspeaker cabinets. Case and flight case production, an offshoot of this move, began in 1983 and ended in 2007. All electronic manufacturing and woodwork production ended in 2009..

Today MAJ Electronic sell electronic and cosmetic spare parts and service information for old British amplification products made by VOX, Laney, HH, Marshall, Selmer, Sound City, Dan Armstrong and many other brands. Many original diagrams have been redrawn for clarity by Michael.

We provide Spares/Information/Service for Obsolete HH Electronic Products

Michael and Jane have a daughter Katherine, who is now 29. After gaining a first at Birmingham City University and other post graduate qualifications, she is now working for HSBC in Birmingham. Pictured above with my lovely grand daughter, baby Grace. Well done Kate and Guy..