Vintage HH Electronic


IC100/IC100S/IC100L/VS Musician/VS Bassamp/MA100 etc: Original knobs are NO longer made or available from us. All you can really do is refurbish the old ones - see our M101 service manual for details on how to do this. Results depend on dexterity and skills of the operative.

Performer/Power Baby/Super60/Bass machine/Bass Baby/Studio 60/ Studio 60B/Micro30: Most available. Specify D or splined shaft and cap colour.

Mixers: Stereo 8/12/16/SM200: State cap colour required. Available.

Miscara/PD desks: (early 1990's) Grey knobs with coloured inserts, 4mm D shaft fixing.

Vintage Laney Amplification and later

AOR, SESSION and PRO TUBE AMPS. Original pattern 1/4" D shaft control knobs with correct black or grey with white line caps still available for these amps. Replacements are push fit - originals may have been grub screw fix - same otherwise.

Laney Linebacker Early. Original, hard black with white line caps. These are 0.25" D shaft - if yours are 6mm you will need a spot of glue and/or a filler spacer. I can advise on this and supply the spacers FOC with knobs.

Laney Linebacker Late/World series/BC/GC series. Soft touch 6mm spline fitting. Original replacements available in small quantities. Full sets, please use replacements - look very similar but are hard touch and wear better.

Unsure? - Ask for our Knob ID Chart pdf.

Laney CHICKEN HEAD knobs: These have been used by Laney for some time, and there are at least 8 different varieties...

Unsure? - Ask for our Chicken ID Chart pdf.

Most knobs are 90p plus post and VAT - Chickens are generally more expensive.. Lidl etc



Impossible to list....

Hundreds of different types were used across the HH and Laney model ranges - Refer to the pot chart. If they exist we have them...

A Pot ID chart is also available, can email. I know it reads funny, but no smut please we are of Zarg extraction... No Dregs or Sux allowed here..


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