Before you read any further, please accept my apologies for the following changes..
From 1st October 2017 ..
"We will no longer be carrying out repairs"

Repair and restoration of musical equipment has been part of our liveihood for nearly 45 years and this is a very hard decision, but I need to stop this service mainly for the two following reasons:


1) Basically I need to spend more time sorting/cataloguing parts and equipment we have here with the aim of clearing equipment/bays in the factory so they can be sold/let in our retirement. I cannot do this with the constant stream of repairs. These take up so much bench time/administration. Items and job lots will be sold via the website or eBaY.

2) I am concerned that I have to keep telling all customers who have bought newish gear that I cannot repair their power amp/powered speaker/desk/modelling guitar amp/1Kw class D bass amp/ as these are not generally repairable to component level. Basically the manufacturer designed these NEVER to go wrong or to be repaired... Just throw it away and buy another one Jack.. Just like laptops..

Specifically if time allows:

1) We will service/repair any Ameson or MAJ PA/Guitar/Bass amplifiers made from 1975 onwards. We will no longer be able to repair MAJ KT power amplifiers but parts available.
2) Any equipment sold with guarantees will of course be honoured.
3) We will still make bespoke leads and cables for you.
4) We will service /repair CERTAIN HH/Laney products made from 1969 onwards if time allows but ask first.
5) I will set up/repair CERTAIN Ibanez/Tama products made from 1985 onwards if time allows but ask first.
6) We will take on restoration of some other old English products if time allows but ask first.
"AMESON Amplification products will be produced until stock exhaused"
I intend to assemble the last seven Ameson valve amplifiers. Either as 18 Watt or 50 Watt units. I will also be completing the last five RS Jazz 90 amplifiers.
"We will continue to supply spare parts for HH/Laney/Tama/Other old English stuff "
This will be an ongoing situation, but certain items will NOT be retooled or replaced when existing stocks are exhausted. Ask.

"Sorting and disposal of surplus equipment and parts will take priority"

We have here a mountain of HH/Laney/Other equipment that has been deemed by us as beyond economical repair. Some have been cannibalised for parts, but all could be put in to working order given enough time and effort.. There are also tens of thousands of electronic components and cabinet/flight case fittings. These will be advertised as job lots on ebay as time allows but trade/bulk buyers will be welcome..
This facility will continue to operate normally in the forseeable future

Note that locking up the premises will be handled at some times in the future by Mr. Paul (Mal) Mallen who will operate his printing and guitar making business from Unit 1b, next door to Katz Studios.


...If you wish to argue with him that's fine - but make sure your medical insurance is up to date..

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